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robot in disguise

not funny

a design for life
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anecdotal life choices, bad canadian television, being questionably cool, bob marley, cheap wine, chuck palahniuk, cliché tattoos, conan o brien, cursed frogourt, dancing with headphones on, dave forsyth, dostoevsky, elliott smith, f. scott fitzgerald, film, greek tragedy, han solo, hating the scene, indiana jones, jean-paul sartre, joe's smirking revenge, johnny cash, kids in the hall, monty python, morrissey, preposterous oneliners, robots in disguise, rock and goddamned roll, russian literature, self-righteous atheists, sex and the city, six feet under, smoking, star wars, stereotypical rockstars, tasteless sex jokes, the chronicles of narnia, tori amos, uncontrollably falling down, unsuccessful mountain goats, your mom